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Rising 6th grade band information

Hello 5th grade students and parents! As a 6th grader at Cuthbertson Middle School, students now have the opportunity to join band and learn to play a musical instrument. In usual times, Mrs Ebert would visit the music classes to introduce band and get students REALLY excited, so if the students don’t know much about band yet, please show them the video from the director and take a look at the information below. It’s worth it!!


Special message about middle school for students:


Students – are you ready to be with your friends and have fun in class? Band is a great social class based on HAVING FUN and learning to play an instrument. Did you know band is the only class where you can make sure to be in the same in the class as your friends? Last year at Cuthbertson over 1/3 of all 6th graders were in the band!


Many students choose to join band because we have a family feel that goes beyond the classroom and many of our students earn large college scholarships just by playing an instrument.


FAQ: DO I HAVE TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC TO JOIN BAND? Everything you need to know in order to read music and play an instrument will be taught in the band class.


FAQ: CAN I BE IN BAND AND PLAY SPORTS? Definitely! Many band members play on school and club athletic teams.


Interested in learning more? Next steps:


Visit our signups at and fill out the interest form. Mrs. Ebert will contact you with more information and help guide students to find their perfect instrument selection!