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Private Lessons

Rising 6th grade students – Please contact Mrs. Ebert at for summer instruction and for the best instructor for you!


Are private lessons important?

Private lessons are the absolute best way to speed the advancement of performance skills on a musical instrument.  For parents who wish to provide the ideal learning environment and students who wish to make rapid improvement,   THIS IS THE WAY TO GO!


“Private lessons literally changed my life.  I didn’t know it at the time, and neither did my parents, what a huge difference this would make. My private teacher helped me to become a successful musician and that had a huge effect on my band experience. None of us knew that it would affect my life so much!  I don’t know what I would have done without them.”    – Mrs. Ebert


We are happy to be able to offer private lessons for the band students at Cuthbertson to increase their musical skills and to help them become successful performers (this is what earns those college scholarships!).  Recent studies have shown that over 80% of students in the All-State Band take private lessons regularly.  Participation in honor bands increases the chance that students will receive a college scholarship.


What are private lessons?

Private lessons are designed to help the individual student become a better performer and learn more about his/her instrument.    Private lessons are highly recommended in order to increase the advancement of performance skills on a musical instrument.  The one-to-one approach allows the student to benefit from the attention of the private teacher.


Are private lessons right for my child?

Yes!  Private lessons are the key to helping students become better players and to really make the most of their band experience and private lessons are right for all types of students.  They help a student who is already advanced, become a truly exceptional musician and allows them to earn extra musical opportunities, such as District and State Band.  Lessons help students who are behind to catch up and lessons help the average student become more proficient.  They keep students interested and help make performances even more fun. Lessons are an investment in your child’s future. 


“Private lessons give students an edge.  In today’s competitive world, who doesn’t want that kind of advantage?”  – Mr. Ebert


Who teaches private lessons?

We have a list of wonderful instructors, both professional and student.  Most of our professional instructors teach for a living and most of our student instructors have been taking private lessons for years in preparation to teach.  Specialists on the instruments usually have openings in their studio at the beginning of the school year.  We recommend beginning students start with a student instructor before moving up to a professional instructor.  To reserve a lesson spot, contact the instructor for your child’s instrument through phone or email.  They can give you information on lesson time and price as well as whether they recommend a half hour or full hour lesson.


Professional Instructors 


  • Connie Beach –, 704 995-3962
  • Jessica Auslander –


  • Leah Moss –


  • Lori Tiberio –


  • Jessica Lequire –


  • Tim Gordon –
  • Joseph Girgenti – 704-207-7602,


  • Bob Jackson – 704-996-6510


  • Jeremy Ryder –


  • Patrick Foray –


  • Christopher Girgenti – 704-207-8804,
  • Jonathan Sale –



  • Spencer Taunton –