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Marching Band


It’s that exciting time of the year when we begin our 2019-2020 marching season. In order to put the show on the field we need to know our marching member numbers. Please note that marching band requires an extra commitment, and it is a time consuming endeavor. 100 % attendance at all Cuthbertson Marching Band rehearsals, sectionals, and performances is mandatory and is vital to the success of our program. It is very important that your child attend all related activities: attend every day of band camp, every practice, every football game, every competition, and all parades. If we have a vacant spot, it really shows on the field. With all that being said, we also believe that this is one of the greatest and one of the most rewarding experiences your child will have during their school tenure – certainly the one with the most fun!


MB-2019_TENTATIVE_FALL_SCHEDULE        *All dates are subject to the Union County BOE 2019/20 school calendar


Summer Schedule

Marching Mondays for ALL students– 3:30-5:30 – 4/8, 5/13, 5/20

This includes wind players, percussion, and guard


Leadership Tuesdays – 3:15-4:00 – 4/2, 4/16, 5/7

(Band officers and seniors only) On these dates student officers will have officer and leadership training


Drumline and Colorguard Audition dates – TBA

Dates will be announced once staff and facilities have been secured.


Summer dates – Band camp is mandatory for all students participating with the marching band

August 12-16  M-F                 Band Camp Week 1 – 7:00am-11:00pm, 3:30pm-9:00pm

August 19-23  M-F                 Band Camp Week 2 – 3:30pm-9:00pm


Weekly rehearsals -Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning 8/27 for all marching band students.  Times will be announced once facility schedules are released.


We are starting up our new season and need 100% attendance for all the dates listed above.  Please do not schedule doctor appointments, family vacations, or other conflicts. During these rehearsals we will be learning marching fundamentals, drill movements and sets, show and stands music, and choosing leadership.


All students are required to read and follow the rules listed in the marching band guide, which is posted on the website.  Failure to do so will result in removal from the band program and could affect the overall success of the group.


2019-20 Marching Band Documents

2019-20 MB Student information form


2019 MB fees

2018 Student Sponsorship Letter

MARCHING_BAND_HANDBOOK_2018– return 2018 marching band handbook form


April To-Dos

  1. Visit the Marching Band page on the band website. Review the Marching Band Handbook and the Tentative Marching Band Fall schedule.
  2. Print and fill out the Marching Band Handbook Acknowledgement form. Bring this with you on your first day at camp.
  3. Play your instrument!
    1. Make sure it works! J Oil and grease slides, break in some new reeds.
    2. Start with breathing and long tones. Play through some scales.
    3. Work on the show music, working to make your part as awesome as possible. Don’t worry about the memorization.  If you can – that’s great!  If not, we will play it SO much that you will have it by memory in no time.
  4. Begin training on August 1st to maximize your awesomeness this season!
  5. Officer Candidates – make sure and stay in contact with your sections via phone or electronics. Make sure that you have spoken to everyone in your section and that they have their music and are pumped up for the season!   Also, if you are free during Guard and Percussion camp week, we will hold some leadership training sessions, more toward the end of the week.


Training- begin this August 1st

  1. On your instrument– work breathing, fundamental sound, marching volume (loud!) and begin perfecting the show music J. Show up to camp with your instrument oiled and greased.
  2. Percussion – make sure and practice your fundamentals and sticking. Let Mr. Ebert know if you do not have access to the music.
  3. Let’s get in awesome shape for an awesome season. Do 20 push-ups daily and if you have a big instrument, hold it in playing position at attention for 15 minutes at a time.  Add 30 uppies per day and work daily on a 3 minute plank.
  4. Also, refresh your marching fundamentals. Goal – marching and playing!! Practice position of attention (pulled up from waist and shoulders down and back), forward march (upper body high), backwards march (straight leg), and mark time (heel only comes off the ground a little).  Do this for 15 minutes a session.  Stretch your slide muscles with the slow twist then do slides– make sure your shoulders are at 90 degrees (use a mirror to check).



  1. Parents if you haven’t already setup your Student’s Charms Account please contact Jason Stewart at
  2. Parent Volunteers needed for Band Camp, if interested sign up in Charms. We need helpers for all days. ­­­­
  3. Pit Crew work sessions will start up soon and we would love to have your help!


Band Camp Information!

  • Eat a large, good breakfast!! (no milk)
  • Wear comfortable rehearsal clothes, weather appropriate.
  • Shoes – We prefer veterans to wear their black marching shoes. New marchers should wear tennis shoes with a flexible bottom.  Absolutely NO sandals, flip flops, or high tops for marching.
  • Bring (and wear) sunscreen, a water bottle with LOTS of water, healthy snacks, instrument, music, lyre, flip folder, and a positive attitude.
  • You will get to go home for lunch (and a shower/nap) daily!


Definitely start spending some time outdoors to get acclimated to outside weather!  You need to be outside at least an hour a day the week before band camp.  


Afternoon Rehearsals during school, times TBA

Tuesdays, Thursdays – times TBA based on facilities

Fridays – We play at home games and away games within county

Saturdays – We will have competitions and/or practices on many of the Saturdays in September and October. We ask that all students keep these dates open until we have exact competition dates scheduled. There will be off weekends scheduled during the season.


To  our  parents,  I  want  to  thank  you  specifically  for  supporting  this  wonderful  activity  for  your  child.    I  know  that  it  takes  extra  time  to  bring  your  children  to  rehearsals,  make  sure  they  transport  their  instrument  back  and  forth  and  to  be  a  cheerleader  at  home  Thank  you  so  much  for  all  of  the  extra  things  you  do  to  help  your  child  and  our  school.  If  you  have  any  questions  or  concerns,  please  don’t  hesitate  to  contact  us;  the  quickest  way  being  through  email.  Also,  please  be  sure  to  follow  us  on  Twitter  and  visit  our  website at to  receive  updates  of  important  information.