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District Honor Band Info

Audition Dates for 2019/20

  • Auditions: Saturday, January 11, 2020 at Porter Ridge HS

Students are responsible for their own transportation. Registration time is 8:30am. Our school’s audition time slot may be anywhere from 10:00am-3:00pm. The audition itself only takes 10-15 minutes. When students are finished scales, solo, and sight-reading they are finished for the day! If we have a later audition time, students are free to go and come back…however, if students miss their time, they will have to audition last.

  • District Honor Band is a prestigious band make up of the best playing students from Charlotte and it’s surrounding counties. Students take an audition consisting of scales, a short etude piece, and sight-reading. The best players from each section are selected and participate in a 3 day band clinic at the end of January.

  • The audition fee is $10.

  • Yes! All students get better from taking auditions, which is similar to an interview experience. All students have good playing days and bad playing days and the band directors help you to sound your best on audition day. Even if you don’t make the band your 1st year trying out, you will be better prepared to make the band next year!

  • There is a middle school band with grades 6-8, a high school 9-10 grade band, and a high school 11-12 grade band.

  • Students who score high enough on the district audition are eligible to try out for the All State Band. This very prestigious band is make up of the best instrumental players from the entire state of North Carolina.

  • See what the judges will tell you during the audition here .
  • See what the scale page looks like at the audition here .


9/10 Trumpet –

9/10 Trombone –

Dr. Marks also recorded the middle school trombone solo, which can be found at

Good luck students, we are already proud of your hard work!

Below, you will find final information for auditions as provided by the district. Please check instructions carefully.

  • Please instruct your students NOT to make any changes to their name tag. Judges will not hear a student with an altered or hand written tag without our authorization! Make sure they wear these at all times until their audition is complete and instruct them NOT to make any changes to the tag. Judges will not hear them without a tag or if they have altered their tag.* This year name tags will have listed a time (ex. 9:45am). This is NOT the time they will audition, but the ORDER in which they will audition. Students will be called by instrument and time. For example, at 10am when the auditions begin, the caller might say “Middle School Flutes: 9am-9:30am.”
  • Arrive at Porter Ridge High School for registration at 8:30am on Saturday morning. Parents may not register students, only their directors. Auditions will begin around 10:00 am (at the latest)
  • Send your students to their assigned warm up area. These locations will be clearly posted. DO NOT have them wait for you in the registration area. If you want them to wait for you to register before they go to the warm up areas, have them wait outside the building.
  • Have students check the room directory posters to get their audition room number. Report to the assigned room and check in with the student at the desk. All Middle School Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet and Trombone students will have multiple rooms. All High School and Senior High Flute, Clarinet and Trumpet will also have multiple rooms. Students that will audition in multiple rooms need to report to the scale room, first. After they have found their audition room and signed in, tell your students to report to their warm up area until time to play. There will be an announcer in each warm up area who will call your your student to their audition room.
  • STUDENTS SHOULD NOT LEAVE WARM UP ROOM BEFORE BEING CALLED. If a student misses being called they will have to wait until the end of the day to audition. Please also remind them that if they leave our building with their parents during the day and the audition room is closed when they return, they will not be able to audition. Students should remain on campus until they have played their audition.

**IMPORTANT CHANGE!! SNARES MUST USE A PRACTICE PAD IN THE WARM UP AREA. Bring your own snare, sticks and practice pad for the audition.

  • Remind your students about correct behavior for this activity. Our resource officers should not have to handle situations created by children with no self-control. Students playing instruments in the hall or creating a problem of any kind will be disqualified from the audition.
  • A complete line of concessions will be available in the cafeteria. The South Point Band Boosters will be selling snacks, hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and drinks.

Instrumentation for each All-District Band

Flute: 12Oboe: 2E-flat Clarinet: 1B-flat Clarinet: 20
Alto Clarinet: 2Bass Clarinet: 4Contra Bass Clarinet: 2Alto Saxophone: 4
Tenor Saxophone: 2Baritone Saxophone: 1Bassoon: 2Trumpet: 12
Horn: 8Trombone: 9Baritone: 4Tuba: 6
String Bass : 1Snare Drum: 1Mallets: 2Timpani: 1
Percussion: 3

Total for each Band: 99